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Open Type with Conservator Tank

Open Type with Conservator Tank is one type of oil immersed transformer
which is equipped with oil conservator and has air inlet and outlet to release
internal pressure from the expansion of the oil volume due to the variation of
internal pressure depending on the load and temperature of the transformer,
the higher the load, the higher the pressure. Air inside the tank can go out
and come into the tank, so called "Breathing", via the breather which is
connected to the conservator. In order to prevent moisture and oxygen from
entering into the transformer, which can cause oxidation reaction leading to
cause insulation failure inside the transformer and the transformer becomes
less life or will be short circuited, the breather shall be filled with desiccant
agent call "Silica Gel" and, therefore, it is necessary to look after silica gel to
be clean and fresh at all times.